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Ashburton welcomes Reuben Lenkiewicz

Now in its fourth year, Ashburton Antiques Trail has gone from strength to strength, attracting visitors from all over the country to explore the town’s antique shops and we have now welcomed a new business - Reuben Lenkiewicz Fine Art & Antiques Gallery.

Reuben Lenkiewicz, son of the famous artist Robert Lenkiewicz, has opened his new gallery in the heart of Ashburton. It features an impressive collection of art, antiques, and jewellery that is sure to impress even the most discerning art lovers.

With a focus on quality and uniqueness, the gallery boasts the largest collection of original artworks by Robert Lenkiewicz. But that's not all the gallery has to offer, you’ll find everything from early English artists, contemporary local artists and delights such as a beautiful limited edition by Picasso. Alongside the artwork sits a collection of quality antiques and antiquities, and a stunning selection of jewellery and watches.

The jewellery selection includes pieces by some of the world's top makers such as Cartier, Tiffany, and Rolex, as well as diamond and emerald rings that are sure to take your breath away.

Speaking about his new venture in Ashburton, Reuben Lenkiewicz said, "I am thrilled to be opening in Ashburton. This town has a special connection with things of beauty, and I believe it is the perfect setting for a gallery like mine. The right setting can make all the difference, just like the right frame around a painting. Ashburton has lived up to my expectations and more."

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